Our company performs multiple impressions on materials which will later be aimed for labeling of the most demanding markets. In this sense,  we are expert in printing and die-cutting labels for wines and cigars for hams. Actually all the materials are authorised for food use.

We have the required systems for marking up to nine digits numbering used in both on labels for wines and hams, as well as in any other tag which need it. Besides,  in our daily work we make tasks of plasticizing, make relief printing, thermal printing, duplexing and the adhesive, and the likes.

Below we detail the different materials we work with:

SELF-ADHESIVE PAPERPapel autoadhesivo

This material, used for a long time, has been improving in quality and characteristics over time, being deriving in different products.

Generally adhesive paper work type:

  • Coated (Coated Gloss)
  • High Gloss White (White High Gloss)
  • A variety of ecological range as Verjurado, Tintoretto, Snow Vergatta, etc.
  • Thermal Eco
  • Thermal Top
  • Double Protection


Autoadhesivo sintético

Oil based material made of resins with hydrophobic capabilities. We work with:

  • Poly-propylene white
  • Poly-propylene transparent
  • Poly-ethylene white
  • Poly-ethylene transparent
  • Etc


Cardboard is a kind of paper that is usually thicker and tougher than normal writing paper or print, but more flexible and lighter than other forms of cardboard.

Grammage is typically 200 g / m2.

We usually use it to make tea bag holders.



This material does not contain synthetic adhesive, so use usually consists of vitolas for hams, ties and hangtags for grape.