Multigraf has a team of professionals specialized at designing and assembling highly qualified label. We work in different development environments like Apple or PCs.

We make our own designs, carrying out all the necessary process from “the idea of the customer” to printing, filming, color management, conducting plates.



Our equipment is able to obtain and print up to 8 spot colors can create an unparalleled colorful image. Besides, we are able to develop varieties of the same color saturation thanks to the capability of our equipment which is able to apply the ink  based on regular and linear alveoli of different volume and size. Obtaining, this way the quality our customers demand.

Front and Back

anverso-reversoThere are many and varied printing possibilities, being able to print both on the front and the back of the label without losing quality or compaction of the adhesive,  increasing the capacity of marketing the product or brand.

High Relief

relieveMastering this technique allows us to make designs and prints upgraded and dominion, giving a 3D perspective, causing higher contrast and a wider perspective that gives relevance and quality.

Thermal printing

termoimpresiónThe thermal printing can render metallic shine like gold, copper, silver or any color with a metallic hue, allowing the label to acquire an elegance and charisma unprecedented, giving the label quality and portent it deserves.